Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pit stop in Provo

When we left Martinique, the forecast was of very light wind all the way
to Port Lucaya and having enough fuel became a top issue. After looking
at various options, I finally decided to make a stop at Providenciales
to top up the fuel tank. So, we came into the Turtle Cove marina
yesterday morning, at 8 o'clock, but with a full tank as we kept a good
wind all the way. But, having made up my mind that I was going to stop,
I did. This gave us a full night sleep and a visit to a very nice place.
It is however almost entirely devoted to tourism so there is not much in
terms of a local culture, but it is clean, it has all the shops what you
might need and it is quiet and well sheltered.
In fact, we did need to go to a hardware store as we had lost the three
screws holding the roller furler to the bottom drum and we could no
longer roll up the genoa. They had to be stainless steel, 1/4 inch
diameter and a little less than half inch in length and have a tapered
head. The only shop that had that was a long walk away, but we got what
we needed.
We ate at a nice restaurant in the marina, called the Tiki Hut, not a
fancy place in terms of food, but by the water and in a nice setting.
And during our stay, we had a very good internet connection, compliment
of the marina which gave us a code to the wifi valid for one week.
This morning, we left at 8 exactly 2 hours after arrival, with a very
uncertain weather forecast. There are several cold fronts on their way,
some affecting us in some ways and we have 500 miles to go. Apparently
our fuel will become very useful.
I still expect to arrive on the 26th morning in Port Lucaya.

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john said...

My name is John and I have a 1988 Morgan classic and will continue to keep checking out your cruise. It makes me inspired to outfit our boat and take off to Asia. Happy sailing, SV Hallel, Ventura CA. (