Monday, January 10, 2011

Marie Galante - Les Saintes

It's going to be difficult to forget the beauty and the charm of Dominica, and of its people. We had to move on and we sailed to Marie Galante for the Week-end. Marie Galante is also a very small island, scarcely populated, focusing on agriculture and not on tourism. It is very quiet and pleasant. We took a mooring close to the wharf of Saint Louis, which is the second settlement of the island, the largest one being Gros Bourg. The bay is calm and we only experienced a very gentle rolling. I also had the opportunity to meet there with my friend Max, whom I met for the first time in Haiti in 1985, and with whom I have done quite a few things in the last few years. Meeting with him and catching up with the news might lead to a one week trip to Haiti in March.
After Marie Galante, we went to Les Saintes, only 16 miles away, very different from Marie Galante. It's an archipelago of tiny mountainous islands with no space available for agriculture. It is very much tourist oriented, with still quite a bit of fishing. Originally, those islands had been settled by people from britanny, in France, so you meet there quite a few people with blue eyes and sometimes blong hair.
Tomorrow, we will sail to Martinique where Patricia and Anne will catch a flight back to Quebec and I will then sail directly to Lucaya on Grand Bahamas. I expect to get there around January 23rd.

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