Monday, February 7, 2011

Back home

After a "rabbit call" on the continental US to renew my driver's license, pick up my mail which contains the updated vessel documentation for Papy Jovial, and make a personal trip up north, I am back aboard Papy Jovial with one week to prepare her to cross to Fort Lauderdale. Yesterday was Super Bowl day, and since the whole morning was devoted to travelling, nothing really happened. Today, I started by trying to reorganize stuff inside. Somehow, I am kind of deflated, without much energy, and I did not accomplish much. Tomorrow I intend to work on the winches which need service, on the racor filter/water separator which is leaking, sort out the lines, and get her read for a short 12 hours crossing.
I tried to download a selection of pictures on Facebook, but I soon realized that any album can only contain 200 pictures at most, and that there is no option to sort the pictures by date. I will have to try and do the same on Flickr. It is time consuming and requires an excellent fast connection, so that will wait for Fort Lauderdale.
I see that Shanty is crossing over to Green Turtle cay soon with Dave on board. Maybe he could sail back with me. I will have to try and contact him.

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Jajao said...

Well done, my Friend.

Next weekend in Luanda there will be a regata from the Clube Naval, on suturday to the Mussulo island, at yours "Irmaos da Costa" resort from every, and back to the Clube on Sunday.

Best regards.

Manuel Pimentel