Sunday, November 4, 2012

Under Way

Finally the new voyage has started. We left Portsmouth Boating Center in the morning yesterday on November 3 with my riding buddy Mike aboard. This first day to Coinjock was quite uneventful, with all bridges opening as we arrived and no time wasted. We left at 7:32 and arrived at 15:32, in the cold but no rain. Mike's son was there to drive his dad back to Norfolk and we had dinner at the Coinjock Marina restaurant and Karen finally was able to enjoy the famous Prime Rib (16 ounces however, not 32).
Next morning, having enjoyed the one hour extra (fall back one hour to kill the Saving Time hour), we left for not Columbia but Alligator Marina river. Both Karen and I are very cold and we want to make sure that as long as the thermometer remains depressed, we spend night where we can plug in. Being in Alligator River marina gives us a chance to make Dowry Creek marina tomorrow.
For the last few days, my lower back had been bothering me quite a bit, but since yesterday it has gone to excruciating pain and I have to rely on Karen for a lot of the daily chores that I should share.
The leak on the freshwater system is still there having replaced all faucets and all suspicious clamps. We cannot find any moist point anywhere, on what of the system is visible, but still the pump comes on every now and then. We have not measured the new interval yet and hopefully it will remain over one hour.
I have lost the ability to talk to my Wifi Bridge and antenna but I cannot understand what. I will have to call Bob Stewart as soon as I regain phone service and try to trouble shoot that. Meanwhile, I have to use my netbook, which is quite useful.
I have just left, but I already miss my Norfolk brothers. I think of them and I already look forward to getting back to Norfolk around May 2015.

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