Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The first few day after repairs

These first days of the trip, I am finding out too many minor failures that could have developed into major ones.
In Coinjock, I found the pedestal of the steering wheel wobbling. Looking into it, I found that none of the bolts that secure the compass housing to the pedestal were tight, one of them being half way  out.  I managed to tighten them up and so far, it looks OK.
The leak in the fresh water system, after we replaced the pump, the faucet in both bathroom, the fittings on the water heater, is still there. The pump comes on every now and then, but not often enough to worry me, so we have not yet measured the time between each burst of the pump. Feels like more than an hour.
Then, here in River Dunes, all of a sudden, my GPS stopped working, not finding any satellite. I found that the GPS end of the new antenna installed in Norfolk had popped out of the unit. It did not look like the parts of the termination connection had been soldered together, but I am too ignorant to say for sure that it should have been soldered. I will have a technician check that once in Wrightsville Beach.
And then, I lost my WiFi. It turned out that the wifi system in Coinjock is very invasive to the point of changing the IP address of the Wireless Bridge part of the antenna and I could no longer communicate with it. It is one of those systems where after you think you have connected successfully with the hot spot, you then have to follow an 8 steps procedure to login the provider system. In the process, apparently, the system reconfigure the system on the boat. Fortunately, this system comes from IslandTimePC, and Bob Stewart who owns and manages the company is almost always available, very knowledgeable and helpful. Although I had a very weak connection in Dowry Creek marina, I was able to download two files on my netbook  that he sent me and helped me solve the problem. As always with electonic issues, lots of time to trouble shoot the damn thing.
And then, there was the Noreaster that disappeared early and never really threatened us. We had decided to hunker down in River Dunes marina (very nice and inexpensive) and spend the Wednesday there. Which we did. However, Wednesday was cold but not as windy as forecast and we could probably have gone. We will use the time to sort out those many things that remain unchecked on the to-do list when you cast off the lines.
The marina charges $1/foot for the night plus $5 for the 30 amp electricity. We had dinner at the club house for $15 per person which is very reasonable. This is a new marina, which you could not see on the charts but is mentionned on the Waterway Guide. You access it through a narrow channel opening opposite Red #4 in the Broad Creek. Very well protected, new docks with electricity, water and WiFi. Extremely nice facilities, showers and laundry. It is in the middle of nowhere, with no 7/11 or MacDo in sight, but it is comfortable enough that you don't need those. And they have a courtesy car.

By the way, if you want to follow Papy Jovial in real time, go to "", enter with "brisegalets_1" as user name and "papyjovial41" as password.

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