Monday, December 17, 2012

Across to Nassau

At the west en of Bay Street
As forecast, nice crossing ending up in 4 hours motoring as the wind died 25 miles before reaching Nassau. Other than that, no problem. The Whale Cay passage was no problem at all with 12 knots of wind from the  ESE, maybe 4 foot seas but no breakers. Then after Whale Cay we went back inside the sea of Abaco and had a beautiful and easy sail down to the Little Harbour where the  cut was a little rough, but very comparable to what you get in the numerous cuts of the US East Coast.
The Pirate museum
As soon as we got out, I set up a course on close haul as I knew that the wind would veer from ESE to SSE, which would have made a direct course impossible. And the wind did exactly what was forecast, and we arrived in Nassau Harbour at day break. I had been trying to get a spot in Harbour View marina, but instead, we went to Nassau Central marina, much closer to downtown. At first, the problem was that they have no Wifi, but I found a service provided by the Paradise Island resort. A bit pricey, but works well.
We went downtown to have a look and have lunch in a greek restaurant. There are three cruise ships in town and all those people were busy spending their money, shopping, dining and drinking. But as soon as you step out of that small area devoted to cruise ships and called "downtown", Nassau becomes very much dead and desert.
Green Turtle Cay to Nassau
Apart from doing the routine stuff on the boat, my time is devoted on trying to find the best option to get back to the Abaco. Another front is coming, with easterly wind until Friday morning when very light wind in the morning will be succeeded by strong northerly wind on Friday afternoon, when you want to be already hunkered down. My only worry is what is the best time and the best weather to re-enter the sea of Abaco. As usual, I will keep monitoring the weather and then choose an option and hope for the best.

Anne is arriving tomorrow late afternoon and I am very excited to have her with us for unfortunately only 10 very short days.

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