Saturday, December 22, 2012

Back in the Abaco for an unspecified period

Broken portlight
Anne flew in as planned, although she almost missed two connections. One in Madrid because she was in the wrong terminal, and the other one in Miami because her flight was late by one hour. She was very tired as well after more than 24 hours of travelling and she was soon in bed after a quick dinner. Next day was touring around Nassau, doing the traditional tour on a horse drawn carriage, then on to the beach for a swim, and then a short visit to the Paradise Island.
With Anne in Nassau
Our departure from Nassau on the late evening of the 19th was not the best that it could be. I had to dive into the engine compartment to check on something with the engine and I left Karen at the wheel, forgetting that with her short size, she cannot see forward above the dodger. As a result, Papy Jovial rammed herself into the bowsprit of an anchored sailboat and exploded one of the portlights in the V-Berth.
Dock and Dine in Man O War
Anne and Karen worked feverishly to kind of closed that gaping hole on the side of the boat with cushion, lots of duct tape and a special tape used in construction, given to us by Scott Ripley in Norfolk.
At Ted and Barbara house
We were very fortunate to have calm seas, light winds and a very nice sail up back to Man O War where we arrived in the afternoon of the 20th, way before the cold front and the strong winds hit us.
This of course happens as most suppliers in the US are closing for the Holidays and won't reopen until after New Year. We are therefore expecting to be stuck here in the Abacos until we can get the part and have it installed. There could be worse places to be stuck in the middle of  the winter.
Receving a present from Ted
On the 21st, we had a very nice evening with the Brothers of the Coast of the Island, eight of them and their spouses being present. Ted's house is a very interesting one, leaving no doubt  that you are in a sailor's home.
Meanwhile, we walk the island and Anne is taking advantage of the nice waters to swim and get some sun.
For two days, we are being subjected to strong winds, sometimes up to 30 knots, but we are safely tucked in into a marina and very safe.
If the weatherman is correct, the weather should return to perfection tomorrow and we are going to Marsh Harbour, visit friends of Karen, check on flights back to Nassau for Anne, visit the local grocery stores and generally speaking plan our stay for an unspecified length of time.

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