Sunday, December 30, 2012

Marsh Harbor part I

Since we arrived in Marsh Harbor, it's been almost partying everyday, with a few trips here and there to Great Guana Cay, Hopetown by boat, Little Harbour and the famous Pete's Pub and Treasure Cay by boat. We are being entertained and taken care of by the friends of Karen, Rusty and Nancy who are being absolutely wonderful. We have been invited already to three different parties, with almost everytime the same people, who are all interesting and long timers of Marsh Harbor. Along the way, we are making new friends and enjoying our time. Anne, who is fluent in english, also had the opportunity to talk to a great variety of people and I am happy to see her fit in so well.
Anne left on the 28th and her departure was as dramatic as her flight in. To start with, her plane had to depart for West Palm Beach and return with a full load of people, leaving at the time it was supposed to leave for Nassau. This meant at least two and a half hour delay. Still doable to catch her flight from Nassau to Miami, but just.
Anyway, since we had no control over that, Rusty suggested lunch at Wallis, which we enjoyed. Good food and a super slow food service. Back at the airport, the plane came back later than expected and hopes to catch the flight from Nassau to Miami were evaporating and Anne was stressing a max. Anyway, she took off and once in Nassau was offered by Bahamas Air another flight to Miami which enabled her to get back on the scheduled flights from Miami to London, then London to Marseilles.
Yesterday was another party at the Jib Room, which is the restaurant attached to the marina, with some 130 people attending, and a Limbo dance to finish it off. Great fun.
 Tomorrow, I will play a round of golf with Rusty and two or three of his friends. I am expecting to play lousy since it has been more than a year since I touched a golf club. And I discovered that I have a "trigger thumb", which is an inflammation of the tendons. Not too painful, but very uncomfortable. I might be able to see a doctor here next week. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I am in a place that offers decent health care, and that place will not be Haiti.
Quiet evening tonight, with a very strong wind from the NNE, but we are well protected.

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