Friday, January 11, 2013

Last days in the Abaco

I don't think I am going to forget this stay in the Abaco. The first time I came here was probably around 1994, and  since then I have been going through on short cruises, but I never took the time to fully experience the place. I am very lucky that Karen had very good and close friends here in Nancy and Rusty, and thanks to them, I really discovered the Abaco and its people, especially the group of friends that Rusty and Nancy share time with.
Basically, since we came to Marsh Harbor, it's been party and fun every day with hardly any time to look after the boat. But I do not complain. This was all fun and pleasure.
After Anne left on the 28th, we had parties almost every night. Preston and Sherry came back from Norfolk on the 2nd, and on the 3rd we sailed to Man O War for another Brotherhood evening. Preston joined the island on his dinghy as I was unaware that he wanted to sail with us, Sherry not feeling well and staying on the boat to get better. So we had another wonderful evening with the table of Man O War and sailed back the next day with Preston. On the 5th, it was NY steak evening at the Jib Room, then on the 6th it was golf with Rusty and Clark (this time I shot 112, better than 118 but still a long shot from what I would like). On the 7th, picnic at the beach at Clark's place, then on the 8th, Robert flew in from New York, on the 9th, doctor's visit to take car of a "trigger thumb" and on the 10th, shopping and last chance dinner with Nancy and Rusty at their place where Rusty had prepared a wonderful "chili".
We left this morning with Preston and Sherry and anchored behing Lynyard Cay, waiting to leave tomorrow morning as early as feasible to sail to Spanish Wells. If it turns out to be too tight, we can always anchor in Royal Island Harbor.

I think it is higly unlikely that I will forget how enjoyable the Abaco can be, and we might take an opportunity to enjoy it more.

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