Friday, March 22, 2013


We had left St Kitts early on the 13th and the  intention was to have a short day to the anchorage of Little Bay. Again, we had a wonderful sail, no motoring and the wind on the port beam. Immediately south of St Kitts we passed Nevis that does not seem to have a lot of activity on it. Then, moving on  to Montserrat, we passed a strange rock called Redonda, that belongs to Antigua and could be part of a James Bond  movie. Just our imagination.
By the time we got to Little Bay, we realized that there was a strong northerly swell and that it would not be possible to anchor safely, and comfortably. So we moved on and went on to  the  part of the  island which was destroyed in 1992 by the eruption of the volcano called "La Soufriere", which was still smoking quite a bit. We did not know, however, that the area was still quarantined and we anchor just outside what was left of  the capital Plymouth.
We were joined just before sunset by another sailboat, this one north bound.

The whole thing was very eerie. During the night, we heard one animal which could have been a donkey, or a cow. We found out next morning that in  that whole desolate area, with absolutely no sign of life, there was a bull roaming the area.

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