Friday, March 22, 2013

St Kitts

This was supposed to be the last leg up, meaning still going somewhat East and therefore against the wind. In fact, we had a wonderful sail and did not have to motor except for the last hour. We had left Nanny Cay around 8:00 but had to go to West End again to get our clearance out. We left West End at 11:00 that morning of the 10th of March, headed for St Kitts, 142 miles away. When we arrived, the marina was not answering the radio so I went in and was able to find a place where we could tie up. The staff at the marina was very friendly, but that was not the case for the authorities (customs, immigration and port authorities) and I had to waste quite a bit of time doing the clearing. Apart from that, we did not do much  that day, except to roam the shopping center of the Cruise Line terminal. We had lunch there and dinner in town. Nothing exceptional but acceptable.

The  next day, I had hired a taxi with driver to drive around the island and visit the few places that must be visited, the fort, the batik place and the black rocks. Other than that, the  drive is a beautiful drive and we enjoyed it much. St Kitts is a pleasant stop, but I think once you have done one visit, you do not need to go back.
Leaving was as painful  as coming in as far as Customs was concerned. They had given me a time to go and clear out and I was there just on time. I had to wait for one hour, and once the Customs Officier showed up, he did not have one word of excuse.
So, we left as early as we could on the 13th hoping to anchor at Little Bay in Montserrat, only 40 miles away.           

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