Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nanny Cay

Although it certainly is a negative point to be unable to clear customs and immigration, Nanny Cay is one of the best marinas we have been to recently. A lot of activities, lots of different services on site, a very pleasant atmosphere of sailors enjoying their vacation.
While sitting at one of the eating places (called the Genakers), I noticed a Brotherhood flag on a boat just opposite the restaurant, and after lunch, we paid them a visit. It was a Brother from the table of Kent Invicta and although  they were leaving the next day, we had time to chat and exchange informations.
We were thinking at some point at renting a car, but there is not much to visit in Tortola. Everything to be done is out there on or in the water.

So we decided to just relax, take care of Papy Jovial and enjoy the few restaurants around.
Today, we did breakfast, lunch and we will do dinner. For breakfast, we did the Genakers. English breakfast with muffins and eggs benedicte. For lunch, we went to the beach, which is part of the marina, and enjoyed the scenery, the boats out there, a flotilla of Optimists with children making their way onto the beach. Dinner will be where we were last night, but this time, we will do light.
We will be leaving tomorrow Sunday March 10th, bound for St Kitts, with no real schedule. My only deadline is to be in St Maarten on April 17th when Jean-Paul will be flying in to join us.

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