Wednesday, April 10, 2013

another week in cyber hell

The Devils Bridge - Antigua

WindMill in Antigua

And here we go again ! Having reformatted one of the two hard drives apparently did not solve the problem. But I could not figure out what was wrong and I kept formatting and reformatting the same drive, with the same result. Immediately after I finished, everything was working well. And then, either a few hours after or next morning, it crashed again. Sometimes, it would not restart. Sometimes, I could not restart MaxSea.

English Harbour
In the meantime, we went from Les Saintes to Riviere Sens marina in Guadeloupe, near Basse Terre, then we moved on to Deshaies were we anchored in a lovely place and stayed two nights, then on to Antigua at Jolly Harbour marina, still with a computer on its last leg.
In Nelson's Dockyard
Finally, in Jolly Harbour, I decided to risk it all and reformat the other drive where I had kept everything going although it worked only just for MaxSea.
This time, apparently, everything worked fine and I am writing this posting on that computer. I can't do photos yet as I am afraid to add anything to the  hard drive. But there are photos and I will add them from the netbook.

TallShip _ Les Saintes
Nothing of any significance happened between Les Saintes and Antigua (Jolly Harbour marina). Marina Riviere Sens was as bad as it was when we left a few weeks back. Dirty restrooms and no internet connection. Fortunately, we were not there during a week-end, so no loud music during the night.
Deshaies proved to be a wonderful anchorage and I would recommend it to any one. It is a very nice little town, with plenty  of shops  and restaurants and the anchorage is very quiet with good holding. I am sure
 that would not be the case with winds from the west, but this would be rather unusual.
From Desahies, we sailed to Jolly harbour marina in Antigua. We rented a car for two days and visited most of what is to be seen in the island, including Nelson's Dockyard which is loaded with history. We have enjoyed thoroughly our time here, but I am not sure we want to come back unless we had a fat bank account.
We shall be leaving tomorrow Thursday April 11 (first round of the Masters), headed for Barbuda where we will anchor for the night and then sail to Saint Bart, hoping to find a spot in the only marina there.
Internet might be hard to come by, at least until we get to St Martin.

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