Friday, April 19, 2013

to St Martin

The trip to Barbuda was uneventful and the anchorage there wonderful. But be careful. Do not anchor on the west coast of the island but in the south in a place called Cocoa Point Beach. The anchorage is very calm and not crowded (we were only five boats) and the beach is beautiful. There is little life on the island so do not expect an internet connection unless you can get the code from the Resort on the beach. We had drnks on the cat next to us before an early dinner, as we had 60 miles to go the next day to St Barthelemy.
St Barth was very crowded because of a sailing week with the participation of the biggest racing sailboats that you can imagine. A wonderful show. We were very lucky to see them just after the start sail by us before disappearing behind the island.
The anchorage is sparkled with private mooring buoys wich is a very bad combination. Actually, I anchored too close to an unoccupied mooring and when we left, I found a 30 feet piece of line wrapped around the anchor. Fortunatly, it was easy to clear and we had no problems, but it could have been a chain or a cable and that would have been a completely different story.
The  anchorage itself, in front of "Anse a Corossol" was a little rolly because of the traffic and also some swell that had found its way in. We did not go ashore so there is nothing I can say about St Barth.
After two nights, we sailed to nearby St Martin and tied up at Marina Fort Louis, a brand new marina, with adequate facilities but wrong policies. Among other things, even for paying boaters, for 1.5 Euro (US$ 2.00) your are entitled to a 5 minutes shower with no hot water. Fortunately, Papy Jovial has free warm showers.
We will stay more than 10 days here, including welcoming Jean-Paul, who is going to sail with us to Europe.

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