Saturday, April 27, 2013

good slow day

As a whole, the day was nice today. We had some lack of wind during the night to the point that we had to motor one hour. But generally speaking, the easterly wind stayed at 12 to 15 knots and we had a good day, roughly in the right direction. Since we left St Martin we have covered 277 nautical miles, 144 the first day and 133 today. We are still expecting to fall into a hole with no wind for almost a full day. We shall see. Our position at noon today was 22:21.2 N and 61:50.4 W.
I have made contact yesterday and today with "Le reseau du marin" (the network of the sailor) based in Montreal and I am happy that the SSB works well. If the computer or the sat phone would collapse, we still have that option to communicate with the outside world through short wave radio.
By the way, I have received messages through the email Iridium system that were too large and I could not open them. I know they have been sent but I cannot open them. So, whoever knows our email address at sea and want to send us an email. please use only text, no attachment and the whole size of the message should not exceed 40k.
Tonight, cheese omelette and spaguettis.
Good night to everybody.

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