Friday, April 26, 2013

sleepy day

Last night after dinner, se started to cross a large area of thunderstorms with lots of rain, wind up to 30 knots, heavy seas, all that as we are sailing on close haul, with two reefs in the main and two rurns of the genoa. It was rather uncomfortable and nobody slept well all night. The weather started to improve significantly this morning around 10, and since, everybody is catching up on sleep.
Ahead of us, the weather charts show a large area with no wind. It is still about 300 nautical miles ahead of us, and I am hoping that the situation will change and that we will be able to sail, even slowly. We have enough fuel to motor for about 300 nautical miles but we are still 2000 miles away from our destination and we should be careful not to waste any fuel.
If the weather stays the same, which is highly unlikely, we would arrive in the Azores around May 13th in the morning. More than any other trip, a crossing of the Atlantic from west to east depends very much on whether you can get favorable winds.
Tonight, corned beef hash and cauliflower sauce bechamel.
Hopefully, by tomorrow Karen who has trouble sleeping will be rested enough to write a posting for the blog.

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Need a room when you get safe. Tom&Barbara