Sunday, April 28, 2013

Testing our nerves

We knew from the Grib files and from the weather charts from NOAA that it would happen, but we were not too happy that it ded. Since this morning at 6 o'clock, we are motoring and it looks like we will be motoring for a full solid day. I have enough fuel to motor for about 80 hours, but obviously it is never good to motor too much at the beginning at the crossing as I would like to keep some for later on.
So the whole day, blue sky, the sea like a mirror and we spend time reading and doing small jobs like replacing a line on the wind vane, tightening the stuffing box, refastening the stairs of the companion way. We saw a whale and on AIS a freighter, but too far to actually see it.
Tonight, "boeuf bourguignon" and tagliatelle. We have enough wine to last for another four weeks. So, life is not too bad.
I have aboard with Jean-Paul and excellent racer, and he manages to make the best of very light winds. Although right now, with absolutely no wind, it does not matter, but it was every useful just before the wind died.
I have to go as we are approaching fast drinks hour on Papy Jovial.
Have a good night.

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