Monday, April 29, 2013

Quiet day

As we were hoping for, some wind came back this morning at 6 and I wa able de cut the engine. However, Eole, God of the Wind, has been rather avaricious. We are still sailing, but slowly and in the wrong direction. And what I heard today from the Maritime Network based in Quebec that there might be another day of motoring ahead. As usual, we will managed with what we get.
Tonight, as I am writing this (5:28 p.m.) our position is 25:52.4 N and 59:11.4 W. The direct distance to the Azores is now 1,720 nautical miles. We are definitely getting closer.
Today, some minor repairs again. The vertical axis on the lower plate fastened to the mas, which allows the boom vang to rotate with the boom as play in its lower part and makes a horrible noise. For the time being, we solved the problem with a block and tackle between the boom and the tow rail, which relieves the pressure on the boom vang.
Also, the schackle which connect the clew of the main to the traveler on the boom broke. No big deal, just replace the schackle. But I also learned from Jean-Paul that there are other ways these days, like a strap and velcro. The strap goes inside the ring on the clew, then goes around the boom and is kept in place with velcro.
There is also noise coming from the mast as it goes through the deck. We believe that these are the wooden wedges that we put in in addition to the spartite. We will try and see if we can knock them in place with a hammer. Otherwise, I believe that we don't need them anyway and that the Spartite should be enough to keep the mast in place.
Today, we are beginning to get into the time period when doing laundry becomes a need. It is a totally new method for Karen (washing with sea water, rinsing with fresh water), but she did a perfect job. We continue to use a minimum of fresh water, and if we keep using it at the same rate, we would have enough water for 42 more days.
Tonight, tuna steaks and rice pilaf.
But it is time for drinks, I must go. . . . .

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