Saturday, May 18, 2013


No other word to describe this final stretch. Yesterday at noon local time (TU-10, we were 96 miles from Horta. Today at noon, it was 46 et there is no sign that we are going to get any real wind soon. So, no way to tell when we will finally arrive. With 38 miles left today at 3 p.m., we should arrive tomorrow, but with all those calm winds, there is no guarantee.
Jean-Paul has tried to tighten up clamps and nuts on the engine. It slowed down the leak but did not stop it and we found out that we can use the engine at slow rpm if not idle for only 48 minutes before it starts heating up again.
Only in Horta, wil we know what the problem is, where exactly the leak is and what caused it.
At noon today, we were by 37:59 N and 29:20 W with 46 miles to Horta.
We are looking forward to the first real shower and the first round of drinks at "Chez Peter" au Cafe des Sports.

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