Thursday, May 16, 2013

Garbage collection day

Yesterday was the day of collection of garbage. In fact, this is the second time that we do it.
On long ocean crossings, there are two items which prove to be challenging to manage, the garbage and the fresh water consumption.
For the garbage, here is what we do.
Like many other sailors, we accept, when no longer on the continental shelf, to throw overboard glass, metal, paper, cardboard and obviously leftovers of food. For the glass and metal, we make sure, by filling up the glass bottle with sea water and by poking holes in the metal container, that it would sink to the bottom of the ocean.
We are then left with plastic stuff, yoghurt containers, milk bottles, various packing for ham, bread and others. Before putting in the garbage bin, we rinse everything with sea water to avoid fermentation and bad odors. Once the garbage bin is full, I take the "Food Saver" machine to vacuum pack things, I make bags of 11 inches wide by 3 feet long and I vacuum pack the garbage. I end up with small bags odorless, waterproof, that can be stored anywhere we want inside the boat. You could even sleep with it !
For the water, I follow the principle "if you can measure it, you can manage it" and I have installed a water meter at the outlet of the fresh water pump so that I know to the tenth of a gallon how much water has gone through. Then, everyday at noon, I tell the team how much water we used the previous day, how much since we left, what is the daily average and bsed on it how many days of water are left.
And my experience is that the water consumption sets naturally at a level that guarantee that we can finish the passage without problems, without having to set rules. This is also why I do not have a water maker, except for a manual one in case of emergency.
Today at noon (14:00 UTC) we were by 37:27 N and 31:52 W, 167 miles from Horta on a direct course. But, as has been the case for the last ten days. we won't get there on a direct course but will have to keep tacking to the end.
All bets are off ! Karen said we will arrive Saturday noon, Jean-Paul Saturday 3 in the morning, and me the pessimist at 3 in the afternoon. The loser will buy a round of drinks at the "Cafe des Sports.

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