Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the battle of the calm

Motoring, motoring, motoring since morning just after midnight. We only have 107 miles to show for the day. We try to run the engine as conservately as we can, sometimes only 1200 rpm to save fuel as much as we can. Anyway, it is obvious that we cannot motor all the way to the Azores and hopefully some kind of wind will come and help us.
The good side of it is that the boat hardly moves, and we can get busy on various chores, like laundry, pushing the wedge in the mast back in place, replacing (again) the schackle keeping the clew of the main on to the boom.
Reading, sleeping, cooking, and hoping that the wind will come soon.
Our position at noonl local time (TU-4) was 27:33.8 N and 56:34.2 W. Despite the laundry, the water consumption remains very good, at 4.92 gallon/day.
Today we found out that we did buy another bottle of Ricard, and we look forward to the drinks of tonight.

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