Tuesday, April 30, 2013

routine day

we are at a point when we have to check the log book to find out how many days have passed since we left. Sometimes, nothing happens significant during the day, like today, no failure of equipment, no health problem or minor injuries, and it becomes difficult to remenber one day to the next.
Today at noon, we were by 26:38 N and 57:58 W. We have covered 644 nautical miles since we left St Martin (which is more than a quarter of the way) and we have 1,637 miles to go to Horta. The most satisfying statistic is the water consumption that remains at an average of 4.6 gallons per day which means that we still have 42 days of water in the tanks.
Last night, Jean-Paul and myself teamed up to produce tuna steaks and rice pilaf. Tonight, the head cook is Karen and she will prepare chicken and possibly mashed potatoes but she keeps it as a surprise..
The weather is incredibly beautiful even if we would hope for a little more wind in a more favourable direction. But we have few clouds, plenty of sunshine (the solar panels love it), a long swell from the NW and maybe 10 knots of wind. If we could have that all the way, I would sign for it immediately as this would get us to the Azores probably on May 12. But I will settle for May 13th.

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