Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Third day

The first day, we have been motor sailing, against the wind of course. The second day, 25 knots of wind in the nose, sailing with the boat slamming heavily in the seas and very uncomfortable and cold. Today, much better, to the point that we worry that we might lose the wind. But we are moving. 135 miles the first day, 135 the second and 139 today.
If we could sail a direct course, at noon we had 1027 miles to go to the entrance into the river Seine.
My only worry is that if we wanted to be there on the 5th morning, so as to arrive in Rouen the evening before the start of the event, we have to close on the destination by 131 miles a day. Not guaranteed by any mean.
However, Tom and Barabara are not joining us until the 10th of June so. barring an unlikely disaster, we will be there.
Sometimes we wonder if Papy Jovial had not decided to break the record of the most percentage of close haul sailing between St Martin and Rouen. So far, we have had only one day away from the head wind, everything else was close haul or tacking.
Papy Jovial has a very wide and flat bottom so the water always ends up in one of the lateral compartment. The bilge pumps being, obviously, in the middle, we have no way of pumping the water out, except for the old fashion way of sponge and bucket.
Today, at noon, we were 42:21.3 N and 22:09.8 W (TU time).
It is getting cold, especially at night (down to the low 60s) and we have had much sun during the days. However, we are in good spirit and good shape.
Tonight, another rum punch coming up to celebrate the less than 1,000 miles left.

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