Tuesday, October 21, 2014

autopilot rescue

we had planned  to get up at 8 o'clock. However, without consulting each other, we both woke up with too much daylight around 9:30. After breakfast, Jean-Paul checked out the auto pilot and as I was hoping for, found that the fuse on the power supply line had burned. He replaced it, tested the system which responded well. We can conclude that it is now repaired. We then had lunch and are planning to go to town for shopping (we are running out of chocolate !) , laundry and then have dinner in a restaurant called "les freres de la cote".
I will take a picture and post it. First we need a nap before we start the afternoon program. The wind which blew at 30 knots max is beginning to calm down. I might have time to do a short posting before we leave.

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Eric Beailieu said...

Et oui Arthur II a ressuscité. Je te souhaite qu'il reste en vie