Wednesday, October 22, 2014

in the Bay of Biscay

Up at 7:30, breakfast then we started the day. Jean-paul repaired the
autopilot by replacing the defective fuse. then we went to town to do
laundry then a little shopping to resupply in chocolate,then to the bakery.
We had lunch on board then had a nap before adding 5 gallons of diesel to
the tank so as to leave with 85 hours of motoring at 200 r,p,m, (actually I
am confusing today and yesterday). We left port at 9:30 a.m. and sailed
past the isle of Sein around 2:00p.m. once we were in the bay of biscay
proper, once again we found a light wind right in the nose and we had to
choose the east side of the course which looks like taking us to Santander
which is not where we intend to go. It is very cold and I guess that we
will have to wait for a few more days before taking the shorts out.

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