Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hellish night

We spent all noght taking bturns at the wheel with not much sleep in
between. We are rolling heavily 20 degrees each side wth seas and swell
from the north west. The worse is being unable to communicate to try and
find a solution to the email issue. The last message recorded by the
software as received was on October 23rd. Since then, Nothing. When I
perform an exchange of mail, apparently the process goes as expected,
except that the mention "to be sent" in red just disappears instead of
being replaced by "sent" and the message disappears. When receiving it
mentions the email address where from but the message itself never shows up
Ideally it would be nice if Jean-Marc Verdier in St Malo would be` aware
of the problem and would know that we will try and call him on Monday
during business hours. We don't know of course if the problem could be
solved remotely. This morning at 8:30 we have 493 miles left to cover on
the ground. The E.T.A is now on the 6th morning. We hope that there will be
an electronician available in Lanzarote familiar with the skyfile system.
And we will have to wait to call Scanmar in California and find out if we
can get a replacement pendulum for the windwane.

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