Monday, November 3, 2014


Alleluia ! We have now covered 241 n.m. with 390 left until Lanzarote, and
that means that we are in theory within rang of our destination should we
have to go motoring all the way. Meanwhile, the seas have calmed down a
lot to the point where we can get helped by "Arthur" (the electric auto-
pilot) and we don't have to steer manually. The situation is now a lot
better and will improve further when the sun will begin to activate the
solar panels, With the computer, the refrigerator, the freezer, the
autopilot and the navigation lights, the load was above the capacity of
the wind generator at 10 knots of wind. Today is the day when we will try
and call Jean-Marc Verdier to get help with the skyfile software. I am
hoping that it will be something like a right click somewhere we did not
think of. Patience. We shall know soon enough. Tifille was so exhausted by
the constant rolling since we left that she is now fast asleep and did not
even wake up when I got up for my early morning watch. We still have three
long days ahead of us, but we expect Eole (the god oh the wind) to be kind
with us and let us arrive on the morning of the 6th

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