Tuesday, November 25, 2014

nuit de crise

we got the wind smack in our rear and Firmin is having a hard time steering
straight. At the change of watch, at midnight, we were hit by a squall with
heavy rain in it. Jean-Paul was not wearing his foul weather gear and got
drenched. We jibed as quick as we could since the wind had shifted to
South. At the end of my shift at`3 in the morning. same thing. Heavy rain
and jibing. The wind was back to East hence again wind at the back which
implies that we are moving slowly and it is rather uncomfortable. We tried
the spinnaker, but another squall showed up and we took it down to avoid
taking undue risks. For the day , We only covered 129 miles and closed on
the finish by 119miles. We are possibly losing ground on the others.
However, they probably have to face the same conditions. We will have to
wait for infos from Eric to know where we stand. Maybe sometime this

1 comment:

Anne said...

Vous êtes 5e pour l'instant.

Devant vous, The Larrikin (18,74-38,22, 1326 MN de l'arrivée), Mahe 3 (20,18-37,11, 1402 MN), Sea Dragon (23,69-37,4, 1421 MN), Dehooke (19,22-33,52, 1594 MN)… mais il y a des tas de bateaux qui vous talonnent, comme Song of the sea (19,22-33,52), Nyctea (21,31-31,39), Sephina (19,76-31,61) etc.

Que le vent et Firmin soient avec vous ! gros bisous,