Wednesday, November 26, 2014

paying the toll

This morning overcastsky and squalls all around us but we were still moving
along well with full main and three turns in the genoa. Then, while Jean-
Paul was assisting Firmin at the wheel we got hit by a vicious 40 4to 45
knots gust of wind and the boat came up to the wind. I took the helm,
trying to go back to hving the wind in our back while Jean-Paul rushed to
the mast to take one reef down. That is when we realized that there was
hole in its upper part. Since then Jean-Paul is intent on repairing the
sail at sea. By now the wind has settled down into 30 knots from ESE.
During a very short respite Jean-Paul has managed to take the main down.
His intentions are to set up shop on the boom, with a harness but lying
down on the sail. I know Jen-Paul well enough to know thhat nothing will
stop him until he can succeedand we can resume racing forward.Basically we
are going to wait for better weather conditions whiich noormally occur`late
afternoon or early morning. I keep my fingers crossed, hoping that nothing
will go wrong during that daring attempt and making sure that we take all
safety precautions possible. We will know within the next 24 hours. Right
now we are sailing under genoa alone and doing close to 6 knots.

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