Saturday, November 22, 2014


We are no longer in hell but it is by no means heaven.The seas always take
much longer than the wind to calm down. We are now in a softer patch of
weather wit northerly winds at 8 to 12 knots with a long oceanic swell from
the north and Papy jovial is still rolling quite a bit but it is
manageable. I am convinced that the sery of crashes has come to an end.
Jean-Paul is planning to shave`my head aroun the wound and do a new
dressing. I might not look as handsome as I would like to but if it allows
the situation to evolve better, so be it. The good news is that we can
sail a direct course to Martiniquewhich is still 2167 miles away. I now
anticipate to get there in the night 7 to 8 December. So we will only spend
in that case 4 days in Martinique. But there is still hope to benefit from
the real tradewinds at 15 to 20 in which case we might gain almost 2 days.
As usual, time will tell. Apart from that, we still have some problems with
the refrigerator, the group displaying a red flashing light. It could be
low battery, or the group being too hot. We have to wait for martinique to
do something about it.

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