Friday, November 21, 2014

The Coconut milk run

It was ` supposed to be a family affair,with kids dogs and barbecue, T-
shirts and shorts in the beaming sunlight of the trade winds, First we
were supposed tro do a leisurely sail around the Canarias. Instead we
founf ourselves battling calm weather, Followed by rough seas and strong
winds up to 35 knots . Its beginning to look more like sailing in the Irish
Seas. Papy Jovial is throwing us up into all kindsof directions. With heavy
rolling an slamming into the`seas. I crashed several times,once hurting ny
back side big time and then I hit with the Back of my head one of the
stairs of the companionway, This time it drew blood, and Jean-Paul dressed
me up with a bandagearound my head that makes me look like a rugbyman, I
will be OK. I took some Dafalgan then slept two hours and I was fine.
Aeverthat to say that crossing the Allantic East to west can never be
assumed to be just a wal in the park. This my seventh crossing and
everytime we've had to pay the toll. "Homme libre, toujours tu cheriras la
mer" (Ch.Baudelaire)

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