Monday, November 17, 2014

the wind is on strike

Same Old same old. We lost the wind during the night and have been motoring
since. The surface of the sea is smooth all over. not even a ripple. We
expect to keep motoring until tomorrow afternoon. Everybody around us is
doing the same, some faster (maybe the have enough fuel to afford a high
rate of consumption. We are keeping the engine at less than 1800 rpm hoping
to limit the consumption at 3 litres per hour. I will attempt to measure
this afternoon.
This morning, Miss Tifille went to the bow to pee. This better than other
choices of bathroom like the mainsail sheet or the halyards at the bottom
of the mast. The next few days are likely to be boring. Jean-Paul is trying
to put to good use the fishing equipment purchased in Lanzarote. Some Mahi
Mahi would be welcome for lunch. Of course there is no guarantee that we
will catch something. This morning we received the visit of a group of
small dolphins. We took a course WSW looking for some better wind. We know
we can't go as far as the Cape Verde islands which are still some 700 miles
away. We would need 300 miles of wind to get there.

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