Thursday, December 4, 2014

coming in

The spinnaker (actually a gennaker) was successfully set up yesterday at
5:20 p.m. TU. Since then jp , arthur and myself relayed each other at the
helm. Arthur needs constant adjusment with the wind changing constantly in
direction and force This morning we 669 n.m. from the finish line our speed
being anything between a and 6 knots. The weather is nice with few clouds,
hot sun but still enough swell to make us roll heavily. We can still, if
the wind picks up arrive on the 8th, more probably on the 9th. Yesterday JP
redid the gaz connections and made the stove work properly. he cooked a rib
of 2,2 pounds whch was delicious.As for drinks before meals, we ran out of
Ricard, Cassis (for the kir) rum went long time ago except for one shot
that we kept for the first one to see land. but westill have enough wine,
red and white, to take us to the finish

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