Saturday, December 6, 2014

wet sailing

We had a clear goal: By noon be at less than 400 n.m. from the line. And it
was looking good until 11:30. That's when the showers started steeling all
the wind. And it kept coming heavy rain after heavy rain. At some point we
even thought that there was enough time for Tifille to go to the bathroom.
So she went up, gave it a first try and had to run for cover before
anything could be achieved. Then eventually she went up again and without
wasting time to look for the proper aligment with the earth magnetic field
she did it and came back down in a hurry. The afternoon looks much better.
We are doing 6.5 knots on a direct course towards the finish line with 384
n.m. to go, so it looks good for coming in on the 9th early morning
like maybe 9 in the morning. that would be great !


Anonymous said...

Mon cher Bernard,
nous avons distribué TTP la semaine dernière, mais il y a eu un problème. De nombreux Frères n'ont rien reçu. J'avais choisi le Tag "BocList". Il me semble que tu m'as dit un jour que "Tous les Hermanos" est le bon. Tu nous sors de là en nous conseillant quel Tag il faut choisir dans la fenêtre des adresses?

Merci et bonne route!


Anne Lefèvre said...

Ohé ohé ! où êtes-vous ? plus de nouvelles de vous depuis Samedi matin, ni ici, ni sur le site d'Odyssey, et ça commence à être inquiétant! je crois les doigts en espérant que c'est juste parce que vous êtes à fond dans la course et que tu n'as plus le temps ni d'écrire le blog ni de communiquer ta position aux organisateurs du rallye ! gros gros bisous,

Papa' Kokopelli said...

Hi, and Merry Christmas, Brise Galets! I hope you´re well after all the bouncing around you had to endure on your crossing.

Take care. I will follow up with an email to you.

Fair winds,

Captain Blood