Monday, March 24, 2008

On in the ditch

It is almost becoming routine now. After Fort Pierce, we went to a lovely well protected anchorage south of the Fort Pierce inlet. I ran aground coming in as the channel is very narrow and my chart showed shoaling on the north side, but we got free easily and went on. This is a real good place to anchor with any kind of wind.
Next night, we spent in a marina called Telemar at Dragon Point, not far from where Gary lives. We had the visit of Roland and Justin and had dinner with them in a restaurant.
After leaving, we were passed by Orza and we made an appointment to get together in New Smyrna beach where we rafted up in a channel north of the fixed bridge. Good anchorage, very well sheltered, and a true brotherho
od evening, with maybe a little too much to drink.
After a quiet night, we wen
t on and docked into the municipal marina in St Augustine. Very good marina, a little pricey, but excellent service.
On Easter Sunday, we had the visit of Niki and Richard, friends of Gary, and had lunch with them at the A1A restaurant, across the street. All day, I was feeling lousy and I spent the afternoon in my bunk. Don't know what is wrong with me. Hope this will pass soon. I made a reservation for a car for tomorrow so that I can do the oil change, replace the plates that were broken outside Fort Lauderdale, and get the boat ready to go for the 27th morning.

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