Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lucky tide

Another lazy morning, since I had to wait for the Wapoo bridge to open at 9:00. Actually, it opened at 9:06 and I could not get the bridge tender either on channel 16 or channel 9. Someone actually suggested that it might be "doughnut time".
Same story at the Ben Sawyer bridge, where I sat underneath the bridge for 8 minutes, while waiting for the lady up the bridge to react.
But after that, this was my lucky day. I had tide and wind with me and was able to fly the genoa for a good part of the day. As a result, I arrived in Georgetown at 5:15 p.m., which gave me time to walk through this little town before dinner.
It is a very nice little town, looking a lot like many similar towns that I have visited while riding my bike in the country side. When I had asked the dockmaster at the marina where to go for dinner, he indicated to me the corner of Front street and Broad street, adding "everything is there". Yes, indeed. All shops and restaurant are concentrated in that one street over less than four blocks.
At first, I tried the "Big Tuna", but it was too crowded for me, and I decided to try somewhere else and come back after dinner. The problem was that all the other places were almost empty. Never mind, I had a simple grouper dinner at the "Captain's Deck" and then returned to the Big Tuna for a beer.
In all, I liked very much this town and if I have the opportunity, I will probably return. I think it is probably on a par, for me anyway, with Beaufort, SC.

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