Friday, March 20, 2009

Payback time

The tide yesterday had given me a credit of almost 3 miles, but took it all away and then some today.
I left Georgetown at 8:30 and as soon as I entered the Maccawaw river, I experienced around 1.2 knots of current on the nose and it remained like that all the way to Enterprise Landing where I left the river. I tried to hug the side of the channel as much as I could to minimise the effect of the tide which is strongest in the middle, so much so that one of the marina called me on the radio asking why I was avoiding the middle where, they say, there is plenty of water.
However, today I did not have far to go as my destination was Barefoot Landing, anticipating a run for Wrightsville Beach on Saturday.
I had been to Barefoot Landing many times before, but I had never set a foot, even a bare one, ashore. So this time, I walked the whole area, in search of a pit stop that would not kill my credit card. This was hard to find, but it turned out that the best place, at an affordable price, was just opposite my boat across the street.
So I had a nice dinner there and went back early to my boat as tomorrow will not be a lazy late start.
The weather forecast still does not look good. I look at the grib files, I look at the NOAA weather charts, I look at the Weather Service local weather, and all I see is North East 15 to 20 knots. I hope that by the time I get to Wrightsville Beach, the weather will give me a break and allow me to take the sails out before they get too much mold on them.

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