Monday, November 9, 2009


We got at the right position to tack back to North Cape, but the wind
played tricks with us and as soon as we tacked, it changed direction so
that we were sailing right back to Noumea. On top of that, it had
slackened to less than 10 knots, so we decided to start the engine and
do some east south east to try and catch a wind with some more south in
it. This happened at 4 o'clock when we were able to put u the sails
again and head for North Cape. So first we were robbed, but then I
reckon that we got lucky and we are making good way. Obviously, we will
have to wait for the numbers tomorrow but I am beginning to believe that
we might be able to arrive on the 16th.
Today, we covered 118 miles over the ground (in 23 hours) but it is
still almost impossible to tell how much distance is left. I estimate
689 miles but it depens very much on whether we can go direct or play
with the wind. In the last 23 hours, we closed on North Cape by 13
miles. I don't think we ever did so little, but this was in the plan.

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gary and beryl said...

looked on the weather charts and looks like lite s'ly until sat then lovely nw for the run in all sun mon tues. I am going to Bluff Sat back wed but Beryl here. (looking at a boat!)