Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Non identified floating object

Wind variable and weak. We spent the whole night adjusting the sails and
the wheel angle to help Firmin do its job, but all that for a not so
good result.
This morning, around 4 a.m., Nigel came down to wake me up and as he
went back on deck, saw a light very close to us on the port side and
moving rapidly to the stern and then disappear on the horizon on the
starboard side behind us. We both saw the light but are totally unable
to explain what it was. We concluded that it might have been a
submarine, but even that does not sound very credible to me. The mystery
has not been solve.
For the day, we have covered 108 miles over the ground and closed on
North Cape by 103 miles. It is better than yesterday, but the grib files
are not very cheerful. Although we are currently doing 6.5 knots on a
direct course, I am expecting to have to motor for a full day starting
tomorrow morning. After that, if we are lucky, we should get enough wind
to get to North Cape and then Whangarei.
Marie-Laurence started to venture outside the domain of domestic chores
and got her first sailing lessons from Nigel. It is just as well as I am
the worse teacher you could thinkg of. Anyway, Marie-Laurence held her
first watch and I am confident that she will progress rapidly.
In principe, we have 580 miles to cover so I still think that we might
arrive on the 16 or the 17th.

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Robert Lamarche said...

Captain Nemo no doubt aboard Nautilus, what else could it be?

The more I look at it, New Zealand is like a shield staight out of Lord of the Rings; Evil is brewing South East and Peace is glowing North West...

Tis a bloomin' pity Papy_Jovial is being slowed down to its journey to Wangerei.

God Speed ya brave souls