Friday, December 11, 2009

Satisfied at last

Last night, evening aboard Rackham, with Guillaume and Bertrand. Rackham is a huge cat having something in common with me, since the shark used for the log of Jovial Tiburon and then Papy Jovial is the same one that the one on "Le tresor de la Licorne", "la Licorne" being the wreck of the boat of Rackham Le Rouge (Rackham the red). After dinner Didier joined us and told us about his adventures in the antartic aboard Pen Duick VI. More than 65 knots of wind for 5 days on close haul, not my kind of sailing. That story did not make me want to go there.
Today was a good day. I got up at seven, with enough energy to get on with the program of the day. It starts with breakfast with Guillaume. Then I did my mail, took a shower and took my bike and rode to the airport and back. I found that apart from the road that goes around the airport there is another one at sea level. Next time I will go around twice, one on top and once at the bottom. That adds as well a little bit of climbing which will do me good.
Then, back on the boat, I did my spanish lesson which today was much longer than usual and I made to many mistakes. I will have to do it again tomorrow.
After that, I went to the supermarket do the shopping for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow. As I went back, Gary was there to provide me with details on the meetings of Christmas and New Year at Barrier Island. Unfortunately, it appears that there won't be many brothers for the Christmas one and Guillaume can't be with me for the New Year. I am not sure I want to go solo but I will see what happens.
After that, I had a quick lunch with Cheshire Cheese and Branston Pickles, reminding me of the 70s when I use to eat that stuff all the time.
After a quick nap, Debbie arrived with a charming friend to look at the boat and get answers to a few more questions. They did not stay long as they were on their way to Opua and Bay of Islands.
There was no delaying it any more, I had to get on with the fourth coat of varnish. Fortunately for me, Guillaume was coming back from work and gave me a hand to do it quickly.
Tonight, dinner aboard Sea Lance, which means that my alcohol free week will have to wait a little more.

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P said...

GREAT BLOG, I'm enjoying it and living it through your stories!!