Monday, December 14, 2009

Time out

After a good week-end and another wonderful evening aboard Papy Jovial, I am taking time off today. It's raining, my right knee is hurting like hell and I don't feel like doing much. I will make an exception for my spanish lesson.
Saturday was also a wet day
and it gave me a chance to sort out the mess that had accumulated on top of the water tank on the port side, which is going to be converted into a quarter berth for navigation in heavy seas.
We will be four for the trip Whangarei-Sydney. Anne from Montreal, Philipppe from Noumea, Debbie from Nova Scotia and myself. If the weather cooperates, the V-Berth will be available, probably for Anne who is coming for the long haul and will need more space for her belongings than Philippe and Debbie who are joining in principle only up to Sydney. But if we have to go into the weather with rough seas, then the V-Berth can only be used for storage and I need t
hree bunks in the main cabin. I think this quarter berth on top of the water tank will probably the most comfortable bunk of all.
Sunday was a very nice and sunny day, although not hot at all. I was able to put in a nice ride around the airport but I probably put in a little more efforts into the climbs and I hurt my right knee. I will have to rest for a few days to prevent it from getting worse. On the other hand, I don't have that much riding time ahead of me. Mid January I am going to play tourist for 10 days, and after that we will be leaving. So basically, only four weeks left. I wish I can at least get back to doing 60 miles ride.
Monday was a little wet, so I jumped at the opportunity to give the varnishing a rest. Instead, I worked inside on few small projects. I had invited for dinner Didier and Chantal from Sea Lance and Bertrand from Rackham. So the trip to the super market and the prepar
ation took most of the afternoon.
As we had started with cocktails, Thomas from Ilo showed up, wanting to talk to Didier. He was with Malika and Louisiane, two young ladies from France who are on a 1 year working visa to visit New Zealand. We asked them to join us, Michel having declined the invitation to catch up with sleep. Bertrand brought in some salad, I prepared a big fillet of salmon with rice and Chantal had made a huge bowl of chocolate mousse. Obviously, all that needed some liquid, both white and red to go down smoothly. The conversation was lively and entertaining and went on way into the night. Which is why I need to take time out today...


profhippo said...

hello, tu semble bien t'amuser
je t'envoi un peu plus de nouvelle sur ton mail
bonne traversée

Big Hopper said...

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