Monday, June 28, 2010

So long Australia !

Yesterday morning, we left Darwin for the Cocos/Keeling and said goodbye
to continental Australia. At least that's what we thought. We are now
realizing that to leave Australia does not mean just get out of the port
of Darwin, which appears to be the northwest corner of the country. In
fact, to get to the Indian Ocean, we have to sail fro three days across
the Joseph Bonapart Gulf and pass the northern tip of the Kimberley coast.
So for the next two days, we will still have to deal with variable winds
and seas before we can enjoy the conveyor belt of the trade winds.
We started the passage anyway with another spanish mackerel, again
around 15 pounds, which has already been served for appetizer as
Tahitian fish, and for lumch in a salad. And it will still make dinner
with its fillets.
We expect to get to the Cocos around July 11th. Still too early to tell
if the Variprop meet my expectations. But on the first day of sailing,
we did 145 miles over the ground, which is very satisfying giving the
light winds and the swell on the beam.

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