Wednesday, November 19, 2014


last night, midnight UTC, Iwas om watch in the cockpitbusy doing the
transmission of our position with the tradking device, A jerky movement of
the boat threw me against the coaming of the cockpit, causing the device to
fly off my hands , fall on deck and roll over board.Device Over
Board.Another hole in my credit card !
I am posting this so that nobody worries when Papy Jovial disappears from
the reports on I will transmit by email to the
organisation every eight hours our position course and speed hoping thay
somehoe they can krrp us in the reports


ML.Chureau said...

Thank you for doing that for us Papy. A lost device is loads better than a lost Bernard... Des bisous.
ps: Hey Papy! Today is my B'Day! 5 years ago, I was in Whangarei, to celebrate with you and Nigel, and Jean-Louis...
Big hug. Miss you. Marie-Laurence

Rob and Holly Sanger said...

Bernard, sorry to hear your misfortune. Seem like a lot has happened since you set out. We are hoping to cross to Bahamas next week, if weather permits, and plan to be in Eleuthera for Christmas. Maybe we can meet up when you get there. Our Bahamas cell phone is 242 458 9445

Good luck
Fair winds and a beam reach
rob and holly