Sunday, November 30, 2014

Firmin callinf sick again

This morning at 7h30 Iwas woken up by Arthur (the electric pilot) working
his hydraulic pump furiously. I came on deck and it turned out that one of
the steering lines of Firmin (the windvane) had broken again. It took
Jean-Paul just a few minutes to det up what was left of the line and soon
Firmin was at work again steering us towards Martinique which is still 1130
n.m. away. We still expect to arrive on the 8th early afternoon.
Fortunately wee have a replacement linesent by the manufacturer of the
device which we will install in Martinique. At this point 8 days feel to me
like eternity. But I know that eventually we are going to go thru it.
We are told that we are now in 10th place and we like it considering that
we've had to sail without the main for several days. And in 8 days things
can happen. Right now we are in a soft patch of less tan 20 knots of wind
when we need a minimum of 20. It might still come and the soft patch affect
others. So, it's not over until it is over.

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