Saturday, November 29, 2014

stumbling along

We are still having to make do without a mainsail losing up to 2 knots in
the process. But not for long. Jean-Paul just completed a daring,
meticulous and tedious repair on the sail with the material that was given
to me by my broyher Ajut, National Captain of the French Brotherhood of the
coast before my circumnavigation 2009 to 2011. It had never been used
before but it is now showing its great value. Thank you my Brother. within
a short peeriod of time, waiting for the`skies to clear up, the main is
going to go back up and we will be able to resume sailing the Odyssey and
limit the number of boats overtaking us. We still have 1250 n.m. to go
which might take another 10 days. So be it. We are prepared. . . .almost
because we are running out of rhum and possibly Ricard and possibly Kir but
we still have enough wine , so we will survive. Jean-Paul must be exhausted
and he needs to get plenty of sleep to recover from this wonderful deed.
Tomorrow hopefully we shall know where we stand now with the rest of the
fleet and what the ETA is going to be with the mainsail and the soft

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