Friday, November 28, 2014

same old, same old

to write the blog, while sitting at the chart table, I have to press my
right leg against the underneath of the table by pushing as hard as I can
on the floor, to try and minimize sliding sideways. Then I have to grab the
keyboard with my left hand to stop it from flying away towards the galley.
There is not much that I can do about the mouse butpick it up from time to
time on the floor.
Last night Jean-Paul was ejected from his bunk and landed against a
bulkhead with his left knee and hurt himself. I crashed again in the aft
cabin hitting the starboard bulkhead with my back hurting myself again in
an area already sensirized by theprevious crashes. We are both fed up with
this constant heavy rolling. The wind has calmed down but not the seas.
Today I was unable to raisse anybody on the SSB radio net and we have to
rely on our outside contacts to find out whether we are holding up. Other
than that, it is warm and sunny, the water is of a magnificent blue and we
entertain ourselves by timing the flights of the flying fishes. With the
forecast calling for calmer winds we might only arrive on the 8th.
Stay tuned.

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